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There are a variety of kinds of biomes in CryoFall, such as:

  • Tropical Forest: Olive Green colored areas in the South-Eastern/Western corners. Least aggressive mobs and also home to rubber trees.
  • Temperate Forest: Pale green in the center of the map. One of the two places to have rubber trees.
  • Temperate Beach: A biome that exists around the entire island. You can get Bottle of salt water and Sand from here
  • Boreal Forest: Green. Northern part of the map. Slightly more dangerous than Temperate forest, but also home to coal among other minerals.
  • Swamp: Moss Green colored area on the Western section of the map. One of the two places available to extract oil.
  • Barren Sandy colored area in the East. Home to dangerous predators, little food, and almost no water. Contains pragmium and oil deposits.
  • Volcano: Located at the West and North-Eastern sections of the map. Dangerous. Avoid until well established.

There are also three quests related to biomes: Explore Biomes - Part One, Explore Biomes - Part Two, Explore Biomes - Part Three and Explore Old Ruins.

Sub biomes[]

Sub biomes are small areas that appear multiple times in the greater biomes.

  • Lake Shores: Small pockets of sand and fresh water inside the mainland. You can acquire Sand, Sugar, or Bottle with Stale Water here.
  • Meadows: Light Green areas inside Forest Biomes that contain high amounts of herbs and gatherable materials.
  • Rocky Mountains: Light Brown elevated patches in all biomes that provide valuable materials such as Copper Ore and Iron Ore.
  • Clay Pits: Red/Brown low elevated areas that exist throughout the mainland. Contain high amounts of Clay.
  • Salt Flats: Dark Grey low elevated areas inside the Barren. Contain Salt and, upon a full harvest of a rock, Lithium Salts.
  • Ruins: Grey-Colored incredibly dangerous zones filled with enemy mobs and sometimes hazardous radiation.


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