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There are different kinds of resources in CryoFall. You can mine ore or base chemical substances from mineral deposits using a pick axe.
These deposits (or resource nodes) occure especially in Rocky areas (mountains), but you can find them all over the map.
You can harvest wood by chopping trees.
You will need the proper Tools to get the required resource (eg Pick axe for ore, Axe for wood).

Mineable resources[edit | edit source]

To mine these resources, you need a Pickaxe.

Sand[edit | edit source]

Clay[edit | edit source]

Iron[edit | edit source]

Copper[edit | edit source]

Stone[edit | edit source]

Sulfur[edit | edit source]

Potassium Nitrate[edit | edit source]

Coal[edit | edit source]

Salt[edit | edit source]

Pragmium[edit | edit source]

Pragmium crystals are a valuable strategic resource. Small Pragmium Nodes grow near every Pragmium Source.
Be careful: The Source is protected by Pragmium Beetles. If the Source gets destroyed, it explodes and kills everything in sight.

Wood[edit | edit source]

To harvest Wood Logs, you need an Axe.