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Overview[edit | edit source]

Learning Points (commonly abbreviated as "LP") is a currency like point system that is used to unlock new technologies. You gain Learning Points by doing any meaningful activity like mining, gathering, farming, hunting and so on. Once you have accumulated enough Learning Points you can spend them on new technologies unlocking new crafting and building recipes and schematics.

Earning LP[edit | edit source]

  • LP can be earned by performing various activities including:
    • One time LP gains can be obtained the first time you eat, kill, or loot something new via the Completionist window. (10 LP each)
    • Using skills. LP gain is directly tied to skill experience gain - the more you gain experience in any of the skills the more LP you will get.
    • Completing Quests.
  • You can see how many LP you currently have by looking at the bottom of the Technology window.