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There are a number of different implants available in CryoFall. All implants offer specific abilities or stat boosts. Characters can equip up to three implants simultaneously, so it is important to choose appropriate implant types for best results in a given situation.

In order to install implants you need to build a Medical Station first. Then you need to use Biomaterial Collector and Empty Biomaterial Vial to gather enough Biomaterial in order to perform the operation. Installation and removal of implants consumes some biomaterial.

Implants have durability and can degrade overtime or when taking damage. After that they will turn into Broken Implant which must be removed from the body, otherwise it will continue providing negative effects to the character.


  • Installation of two implants of the same type is not allowed[1]:

Implants Limitation Two of Same Type Not Allowed.png


Broken Implant Icon.pngBroken Implant