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Disambig.png This article is about the farming mechanic. For the skill, see Farming (skill).

CryoFall includes a complex farming system with crop growth cycle simulation, fertilizers, and a diverse range of cooking options to use the harvested produce in. Farming is also affected by the character's farming skill.

Farm plants[edit | edit source]

There is a large number of different plants that can be found in the world of CryoFall, however only a part of it can be actively cultivated.

In order to cultivate any particular type of plant you need to obtain its seeds first. After that, you can convert part of the harvested crops back into seeds to keep the cycle going assuming that you have the knowledge unlocked.

All seeds in the game are separated into two categories. Easy to access seeds, which means they can be found in the wild by harvesting grass, and hard to access seeds which are those that can only be obtained while looting the Ruins. There are also decorative plants (flowers), those also belong to the latter category.

Easy to access seeds:

Hard to access seeds:

Saplings[edit | edit source]

Certain trees in the game have a chance to drop saplings, but not all. Mostly trees in temperate and boreal biomes.

Saplings can be used to plant a new tree of the same type.

Fertilizers[edit | edit source]

Several fertilizers and other agrichemicals are available for various farming needs. Applying mulch will increase a crop's growing speed by 100%, Fertilizer will increase it by an additional 200% and improve crop yield, and finally Hygroscopic Granules will cause a crop to continuously be watered.

Watering cans[edit | edit source]

Watering your plants helps to significantly improve their growth speed, with a watered plant increasing the growing speed of a crop by 100% for one hour.

Different levels of watering cans can hold different amount of water and have different level of durability. The simplest watering can made from wood can only be used to water 3 plants before needing to be refilled from a well or water collector.

In order to draw water into a watering can you can simply left click on a well or a water collector. You can also use filled water bottles in your inventory.

Using a combination of fertilizer, watering cans, and maxing out the Farming (skill), you can increase the speed of a crop by a total of 700% (Or 8x faster).