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Crafting is the main way to obtain different materials needed for other items in the game. Crafting converts either raw materials or other crafted components into different products, which can either be usable items such as weapons, armor and tools, or materials required for other crafting or industrial processes such as smelting.

Some basic materials such as wooden tools can be produced without a crafting station. More complex items require different crafting station, which are unlocked from the technology fields.

In order to start the crafting process, all required materials need to be present in the inventory and the player needs to be in range of the crafting station. If requirements are met, then the field of the crafted material in the workstation menu turns blue. Once the crafting process has started, all required materials are removed from the inventory and the products are placed in the inventory as they are finished. The player can move away from the crafting station and carry out other tasks while this happens. A crafting queue is displayed on the left hand side of the screen.

Performing any crafting will contribute EXP to the crafting skill.

Note: Item list under construction.

While Offline[]

It seems that a player's crafting queue will continue to process, even while offline.







Slime Icon.pngSlime
Fur Icon.pngFur
Animal Fat Icon.pngAnimal Fat


Rice Icon.pngRice

No Crafting Station Needed[]

Just type "c" to access crafting menu.

Workbench Workbench Icon.png[]


Campfire Campfire Icon.png[]

Ash and Charcoal are only produced as a by-products from burning other materials.

Drying Cabinet Drying Cabinet Icon.png[]

Cooking Stove Cooking Stove Icon.png or Electric Cooking Stove Electric Cooking Stove Icon.png[]

Ash and Charcoal are only produced as by-products in the Cooking Stove from burning other materials.

Cooking Table Cooking Table Icon.png[]

Uncooked Pasta Icon.pngUncooked Pasta
Carbonara Icon.pngCarbonara
Canned Fish Icon.pngCanned Fish
Canned Mixed Meat Icon.pngCanned Mixed Meat
Soft Drink Icon.pngSoft Drink
Energy Drink Icon.pngEnergy Drink
Herbal Drink Icon.pngHerbal Drink

Fermentation Barrel Fermentation Barrel Icon.png[]

Wine Icon.pngWine

Farming Workbench Farming Workbench Icon.png[]


The first five seed types can be found as rare drops while harvesting grass.

The rest of the seed types can be found as even more rare drops in caches.



Furnace Furnace Icon.png or Electric Furnace Electric Furnace Icon.png[]

Ash is only produced as a by-product in the Furnace.
Charcoal is produced as a by-product in the Furnace, but can also be crafted specifically by burning Logs.

Mineral Processing Plant Mineral Processing Plant Icon.png[]

Medical Laboratory Medical Laboratory Icon.png[]

Weapon Workbench Weapon Workbench Icon.png[]

Also see Weapons page.

.50 SH Ammo Icon.png.50 SH Ammo
Laser Rapier (White) Icon.pngLaser Rapier (White)
Laser Rapier (Purple) Icon.pngLaser Rapier (Purple)
Laser Rapier (Yellow) Icon.pngLaser Rapier (Yellow)
Laser Rapier (Green) Icon.pngLaser Rapier (Green)
Laser Rapier (Blue) Icon.pngLaser Rapier (Blue)

Armorer Workbench Armorer Workbench Icon.png[]

Also see Equipment page for table of armor stats.

Chemical Laboratory Chemical Laboratory Icon.png[]

Vehicle Assembly Bay Vehicle Assembly Bay Icon.png[]

Manul Icon.pngManul
Behemoth Icon.pngBehemoth

Oil Refinery Oil Refinery Icon.png[]

Coin Mint Coin Mint Icon.png[]

Shiny Coin Icon.pngShiny Coin