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CryoFall features a administrative console like many other games. The console can be used to send orders directly to the game engine.
Among other things you can do:

  • teleport yourself/other player to a given location
  • spawn any item
  • change ingame time (day/night)
  • ban/mute player
  • toggle god-mode / spectator-mode

Of course, you need to be the operator of the CryoFall game server or be granted appropriate rights by the operator.
Practically you can only use the console on your own local or hosted server.

Open console[edit | edit source]

You open/close the console ingame by pressing the key right to 'l' that is

  • '~' (tilde) on qwerty keyboards (en/us)
  • 'ö' on qwertz keyboards (de)

Enter a command[edit | edit source]

The console is like a shell or terminal window. You enter a command and press Enter. Hints:

  • you need to prefix a command with '/', like '/tp' for teleport
  • /help lists all available commands
  • there is a completion feature, so start typing and see what happens. The Tab key accepts the completion

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